"Kagoshima Kuro Wagyu" is the pinnacle of Japanese beef, shining as the best in the nation.

At the 12th National Japanese Cattle Ability Promotion Competition held in Kagoshima Prefecture, the cattle from our prefecture took the top spot in six out of nine categories.

Moreover, the breeding female cattle group from the 4th district in the breeding bull section received the highest honor of the Prime Minister's Award, achieving the prestigious title of "Japan's Best Japanese Beef" for the second consecutive competition.

Additionally, in the 8th district, they were awarded the Best Beef Award.

Kagoshima Prefecture Leads in Japanese Beef Production

The number of breeding female cattle (Kuroge Washu) in our prefecture ranks first in the country.

The number of breeding female cattle for meat production is 117,800, constituting approximately 20% of the national share.

Kagoshima Prefecture also ranks first in the country in the number of fattening cattle for Japanese beef.

The number of fattening cattle for Japanese beef is 142,700, making up about 20% of the national share.

Commitment to Pedigree

One of the secrets to the deliciousness of Kagoshima Kuroge Washu is the existence of breeding bulls that produce high-quality meat.

The Kagoshima Meat Cattle Improvement Institute and the Prefectural Breeding Bull Association work together to promote the improvement and branding of "Kagoshima Kuro Wagyu."

At the 12th National Japanese Cattle Ability Promotion Competition, the cattle named "Shirahama Yoshi" from the Prefectural Meat Cattle Improvement Institute won first place, and in the past seven competitions,

they have consistently been awarded the top position, receiving praise for their exceptional appearance.

Young Bull 1st District, First Place: "Shirahama Yoshi"

Expanding Beef Exports

Miyazaki Beef

Miyazaki Kuro Wagyu is gaining popularity worldwide, with export quantities increasing annually to various countries in Asia,

the United States, and the EU.

(Note: When exported, it is sold under the name "Miyazaki WAGYU.")

As one of Japan's largest beef-production areas, according to its own policy,

Miyazaki Prefecture has improved the wagyu breed to make it "easy to fatten, easy to raise and have good quality meat.

Producers worked with industry-related groups and local government officials in a prefecture-wide effort to establish a system for improving beef cattle.

Currently, exports to the EU are processed in approved facilities within Kagoshima Prefecture, but the export volume is limited.

As part of the ongoing efforts, one of the objectives for future activities in the EU is to enhance awareness.

The goal is to elevate the brand value of 'beef' in Japan by improving recognition in the EU.

"Miyazaki Beef" is the name granted to beef from Japanese Black cattle produced in Miyazaki Prefecture with a Japanese Meat Quality Grade.

 "Miyazaki Beef" is characterized by its superb flesh and fine marbling.

When taken in the mouth, the meat has a faint sweetness and mellow aroma.

 At the Japan's National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu held once every five years, "Miyazaki Beef" has won the highest prize consecutively at the last three expos.

The quality of beef calves raised in Miyazaki Prefecture is highly esteemed throughout Japan.

About one-quarter of the calves raised in the prefecture are shipped to other prefectures throughout Japan,

where they are used for fattening or breeding to produce brand beef.


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